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Close Up Television interview with Jim Masters aired 5/18/2021
We can't thank you enough for your compassion and expertise in helping us care for our mom, Barbara. As a widow who raised four children alone she carried a lot of anxiety and unresolved grief into her elder years, and when her physical and mental health began to decline rapidly in the nursing facility, we knew we needed help. You listened carefully to our concerns and provided a wealth of recommendations on how to improve her environment and quality of life, along with expert insights on how her medications could be simplified and gently pared back. We were able to advocate with the nursing staff to integrate many of your recommendations into mom's care plan, and it felt like a miracle when she quickly began to regain her acuity, strength and spark. We will always be grateful to you for helping us get our mom back!

Mary Ann O. and family

Boston Outlook interview with Julie Marra aired 8/21/21
The gift of spending time talking to you every Tuesday morning has been life altering. I truly believe you helped me navigate the first months of grief and provided me with the exact type of support and compassion I needed!

Jean O

Podcast guest appearance with Kim Horyn, host of ReBounce aired 1/29/23
Mary’s expertise brought me to the realization that I am in control of my future and how to determine what that will look like. I felt validated for how difficult this process of becoming a widow has been. There are a large amount of tasks to accomplish and Mary had great guidance. I feel that I now have a plan forward and goals to accomplish. I was very lucky to have somehow made reasonable decisions, I do wish I had met Mary and knew of widow coaching a year ago when I found myself in this new unexpected role.

Kathy B

103.3 interview with Boston radio veteran, Julie Marra, aired 10/25/20
I am so glad my son connected me to my widow coach. She was and is a ray of light as well as a blessing in my life. I was able to vent my inner feelings about loosing my husband. I cried to her many times about how much I missed him and loved him. She listened and was very caring, compassionate and respectful of the pain and grief I was feeling. She has helped me quite a bit in getting the pieces of my life back together again. I am very thankful to her and for her.


Closeup Interview with Doug Llewelyn aired May 25, 2021

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